Website Deployment

How changes in content and functionality is deployed to the public site depends on the website architecture. However the principal concepts remain the same.



Git Repository of Website with a connection to a test database.


A deployment of Develop which allows testing with all sort of devices and running automated tests.

Content / Backend

An application which allows editing of content. The content application itself provides tools to review and approve edits, checks for consistencies and allows pushing the approved content to Beta.


Stage application version but now connected to the production database


The public website on production platform but not accessible to the public.


  • Alpha, Beta Test and Content may share one repository and Git is used to maintain the code although releasing updates to the Content application adds complexity to the Git release workflow.
  • Up to Beta Prod Offline, no CSP is applied. Beta Prod Online uses CSP Report Only.


I - Develop > Stage

Deploying version of the website application to a host that can be accessed with mobile devices and tested with automated script.

II - Stage > Beta

Releasing tested version of the website application to the internal beta site for further testing connected now to the production database.

III - Content/Backend > Beta

Pushing content in webpages to the internal beta site connected to the production database.

IV - Beta > Preview

Releasing website to the production server platform for tests in the production environment

V - Preview > Public

Releasing website to the public


Website Version Control


  • Separating website development from content editing
  • Not skipping over automated and manual testing
  • Selective release of parts of the website
  • Dealing with Database schematic changes