Website development, digital marketing and data collection & analysis

Having been in the business of building and promoting websites during the last 25 years, this is the platform where we share our insight.

Added a important item to the SEO Checklist. So important that it earns to be mentioned as news on the homepage. "Emphasize important words and phrases by embedding them within a strong tag"

Build Your Website - Website Development

About the exciting task of developing websites.

Promote Your Website - Digital Marketing

A website should be optimized for organic search positioning and marketing.

Improve Your Website - Data Collection & Analysis

Use webmaster tools to monitor organic traffic from Bing and Google. Use GA to monitor all traffic, specially traffic sources other than organic. Use Microsoft Clarity to learn morn about visitors interactions on specific pages.


Assisting small businesses to build and maintain a professional website.


Tools - A collection of tips and code snippets organized by topic.

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