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We have been in the business of building and promoting websites for 25+ years. This is the platform where we share our insight.

Web pages must be accessible anytime, by any device, from anywhere.

Starting Points for Beginners

Why would you code your own web page and not using a CMS like Wordpress, Squarespace or WIX? Why?

Build a Web Page Style a Web Page Publish a Web Page Promote a Web Page

At the end of this little 5 page tour, you will be proud owner of a webpage published on a free host.

Topics for Advanced Webmasters

Website Development - Code and Host Your Website

User-friendliness is the major focus where users include visitors, developers, writers and marketers.

Digital Marketing - Promote Your Website

A website should be optimized for organic search positioning (SEO) and paid search marketing (SEM).

Less about acquiring new visitors and more about strengthening the connection with returning visitors.

  • Email Marketing

Website Analytics - Improve Your Website

A website never stands still but evolves by adopting to new technology and growing in content with the mission in mind to serve better its users.


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Our Mission

Assisting small businesses to build and maintain a professional website.


Tools - A collection of tips and code snippets organized by topic.

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