Website Development

About the exciting task of building websites.

Architecture & Deployment

Over the years, we used many different web servers, server side scripting languages and frameworks. Some concepts though stayed the same. We always are looking for the most simple setup without having to compromise security and user satisfaction.

Markup & Style

Main concern is accessibility for any type of device and user friendliness navigating the content. However you assemble your website's content, embrace mobile-first philosophy.

Reactive UI Elements

There are different ways to build reactive UI elements. We use Svelte because it allows us developing simple UI elements independently from the website app and pull it into a web page where ever needed.


Focus on scalability and low cost without loss in efficiency updating content and speed in serving content.


At last but not at least. Continuously monitoring the website in production is critical.

  • From time to time we crawl the website to detect issues in pages. (script GitHub Repository)

Keep it Simple

When organizing a website's content, keeping it simple and consistent is of highest importance. By doing so you do a favor to your visitors easing the understanding of your website's content and to your staff maintaining the website

Must Have

Every website must have an about us, terms of use and privacy policy published!

If your website deploys analytics or marketing cookies, your site must collect consent from every website visitor.

Code a Web Page - For Beginners


  1. Build a Web Page
  2. Style a Web Page
  3. Publish a Web Page
  4. Promote a Web Page