Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

What can you find in the tool box of an experienced professional in the field of Search Engine Optimization? What are we using?

Some tasks may be performed automatically but in general, SEO is manual work done page by page.

Provided by Search Engines

Most importantly, the webmaster tools provided by Bing and the search console provided by Google are powerful tool to watch over content indexing by these search engines as well as monitoring the health and progress of the website.

Registering a site with these tools is simple and free of charge. Access authorization is achieved through different methods. The corresponding docs with instructions about this process are easily accessible.


Own Scripts and Applications

We have programmed a few scripts on our own for specific tasks around SEO for small websites.

  • Crawler: Python Script to crawl a website and retrieve data points relevant for SEO.
  • Sitemap: Python script to build a sitemap based on local drive directory or crawled website.


Source code on Github

Third Party Applications

We consider third party applications generally too expensive to be used for small websites (less than 500 pages). Many of these tools provide basic functionality and promise infinite success.

There are two type of services. Online platforms which crawl your site from the cloud and store data in the cloud or desktop applications which crawl your site from your computer and store the collected data locally.


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