Why would you code your own website?

... and not using a CMS like Wordpress, Squarespace or WIX? Just for the fun of it! And ...

Stop carrying with your content code lines for features you don't need

Seemingly smooth interfaces to format and publish content always come with containers full of code lines providing flexibility in display. Hidden within these hidden code lines may be features you don't want your content being associated with.

Now this sounds crazy mysterious. As an example are third party libraries which may pixel your viewer without she/he and you being aware of it.

Besides passing information to third parties, the inflated code may affect the experience of the viewer negatively beyond the necessary with slowing down page view.

Knowing what our code does and limit to the absolute minimum necessary.

Migrate from one hosting provider to the next without hassle

There are many reasons why you have to change hosting provider from time to time. Hosting provider suddenly increase charge beyond reasonable amount. Hosting provider services stops being reliable or get out of business.

If your website is tight to use the framework of the hosting company, you are forced to re-build your website from scratch. Exporting and importing is rarely an option.

We keep a local version of a website without, or with the absolute minimum necessary of platform specific elements.

Reduce monthly bill scaling with growing traffic

Although cost / month of hosting services are low, cost / view may be astronomically high even if your website is still below the treshold of paying additionally for bandwidth usage. There are different forms of payment. Starting with the charge on your credit card, followed by you viewing providers ads and ending with you providing insight to the hosting company about content performance.

  • Credit Card: e.g. $33/month of an average website with 10k pv / month > 0.3 cents/pv.
  • Small website owners are exposed to many ad views served by the hosting company. You pay these ads with your attention.
  • There are examples how hosting providers analyzed content performance and out-competed later their customers. (Yahoo, Amazon, Google)

We aim to reduce cost/pv to an absolute minimum, try not to expose our attention to ads and prevent or reduce giving other companies granular insight in performance of our content.


Improve usability of your website and webpages and reduce cost per view by building your own slick, platform and framework independent web pages hosted on a simple, static webserver.

This website provides you the information you should acquire to do so. Ad free, pixel free and free of charge ;)

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