Github Pages Hosting

A possibility to host a static website and taking advantage of Github's backend to edit/maintain content. Content written in markdown will be converted to static html pages with the static page generator Jekyll.

Why Hosting on Github Pages?

It is free hosting. Edit content from anywhere anytime. Simple content editing with markdown. Alternatively having the option to publish a fancy page coded in html.

Annoying though is lack of access to web server configurations. Essentially a roadblock for migrating a popular website with significant organic traffic.

Setup / Start

  1. Setup Github Personal Account
  2. Create new repository with a
  3. Change Settings to publish as Website using main branch [1]
  4. Rename to

[1] Under General/”Repository name” use Under Pages/Branch select main.

Additional Information


If you need a certain information on page level passed to the template, you can add a variable to the header section in the markdown. The area in between — / — on top of the document where you define title/description/layout of a page.


This is a meta refresh! To enable redirect:

Add JekyllRedirectFrom plugin by editing _config.html:

	- jekyll-redirect-from

	- jekyll-redirect-from

On the landing page markdown of a redirect add in the header section:

	- /redirect/from/path/