Building a Website with GatsbyJS

GatsbyJS is a framework based on React generating static pages which then can be deployed to a static hosting platform. Why would you want to depend on React if your deployed site cannot have React powered UI?

We aren't using GatsbyJS for our site because we haven't been able to connect to Firestore. Connecting to MySQL (Google Cloud SQL) and local markdown files worked fine.

We have built some sites using GatsbyJS framework to test the SEO behavior of such a site. We particularly were interested in how a Search Engine sees such a site and how long it takes to be indexed.

We aren't fans of powering a web site with GatsbyJS. Mainly because GatsbyJS converts a web site into a monolithic application where even content, and not just code and design, is bundled into one huge web app which has to be built and deployed as a whole each time a change to either content, code or design has been done. This monolithic approach is against our approach to split a web app into microservices and microfrontends.


Pending. Sorry about that.

SEO Results


As expected, indexing is slower than with with a simple static website (from max 3 days to max 3 weeks). SE are able to pull the content but our understanding is that SE is getting confused by js scripts which aren't relevant for the page itself but nevertheless SE prefers to rely on the js rendering bot.


Gatsby JS Powered

These websites currently powered with GatsbyJS.